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Sell Kalise

Grupo Kalise Menorquina, S. A. is an entirely Spanish-owned public limited company created in 1999. We have a staff of over 1000 professionals working to provide our clients with products for all ages and any time of day.

But what really distinguishes Kalise is the enthusiasm and effort of everyone involved in this great brand. An intense brand that is dynamic and eager to go ever further.

And let’s not forget the most important thing for you: to sell more! Every year we prove yet again that proper use of our communication materials, both inside and outside your establishment, boosts your sales!

Reasons to sell

Kalise is a fashionable brand, perceived by the consumer as a brand of ice cream that is younger, more fun, sporty and modern. And, Kalise is there to help you at any time. Because we offer the best distribution and customer services in the land. That's why we are constantly growing at both national and international level; Kalise is a growing brand in countries such as France, the UK, Italy and Portugal.

The fact that we are such a strong brand means that you can count on great support and on the best quality, always.

Our aim is to continue to work on both our products and communication, so that this growth may be even greater in 2014.

Product Innovation
With every new season, Kalise aims to launch the most innovative and creative ice creams on the market. This leads us to keep abreast of the latest technology. And also to maintain the quality we are so well known for.

Plus, we make every effort to innovate in communication, and we can truthfully say that we have become a benchmark for our competitors, who look at us when putting their campaigns together.

Great service and great support
We support restaurant owners with service that only the largest fully owned frozen food distribution network in Spain—with over 1000 direct employees—can offer.

We know that as a restaurant owner you are our partner, and as such you are as excited about and as intent on satisfying your customers as we are. So should you have a problem, you can find solutions with a single phone call. We provide all the means you need so you can stop worrying. We don't just sell boxes of products; we help you with management, too.

We're with you when you buy only as much as you need, to avoid spoilage, or, if the product doesn't sell, we help you ensure it rotates.

And if you want to be different, let us know and we'll give you what you need.

There are plenty out there who trust in us and count on our support. Come and join us!.

We're manufacturers
We are present throughout the product life cycle and that makes us experts.

It also enables us to ensure quality control throughout the production process.

And it enables you to ask us for anything you like, it just depends on the volume.

Winning range
We offer you the widest range, because it is a proven fact: the greater the variety the greater the sales. And we help you stand out from the crowd with special offers for each type of client. What's more, with Kalise you get the value you need to ensure profitability, with products of the highest brand quality and costs tailored to your needs: from the most competitive to the top of the range that no one can beat. Amongst our licences this year we have the funniest ants on TV: Trancas and Barrancas from El Hormiguero 3.0 .

With us, you can rest assured because we're all about quality. It's the only way to keep the customer coming back again and again. We test all our products to make sure people will like them. Forty per cent of people have ice cream for dessert. It is essential to offer them the best, so we propose delicious recipes for products made thoughtfully from carefully selected natural ingredients. Consumers recognise our superior quality, a value that justifies the price.

Communication and promotions
We pay special attention to communication. Proof of this is the Kalise Islands concept. This idea has been very well received by our clients in the Canary Islands, and we're giving it every support because we want to remind everyone where we come from—the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands—and invite them to enjoy them. Therefore we set up a number of promotions to help attract consumers and keep them close. They already know Kalise is the ice cream from the islands. That's part of our history and what we feel.

Global communication

We all want to sell. So we spare no efforts to achieve our goal. Proof of this is that, at communication level, we think of every aspect, developing 360º campaigns to help you get stock flying off the shelves.

We work to strict guidelines to get close to consumers on their new media:

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest.

Visibility Material

We want to be seen, always in people's minds. That's where POS materials come in, inside and outside the establishment. Experience has shown us that, if they are used correctly, your sales rocket.

Need POS material? Contact us