In our company we take allergen management and its correct declaration very seriously. The current food legislation obliges us to do this and every year during the ISO certification it is verified on-site by the auditors. For the ISO standard, the allergens chapter is one of the fundamentals and without its compliance, certification is not possible.

We work with all possible rigor to ensure the absence of traces of certain allergens that we handle in the plant, such as soy, gluten or egg, in those products that do not have them as an ingredient.

Allergens not present in the product in general are not declared or highlighted in any way, as we are not obliged to do so, and in many cases it only serves to confuse the consumer. We only indicate the absence in the case of gluten because it is the allergen that today has the most impact on the diet of a large part of the population.

In any case, for allergens, and when in doubt about their presence, we always recommend reading the information included on the label of our products.

Allergen information YOGURTS

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