Ours is a long history built by many people who, over the years, have put effort, enthusiasm, ideas and imagination into creating a brand that brings small moments of pleasure to children of all ages.

It all started in an idyllic place, where we still are today, and where we hope we will always be, Minorca. It was here that, Helados y Especialidades Menorquina, S. A. was founded in 1940, which made and marketed ice cream under the brand name La Menorquina.

A few years later, in 1944, Modernas Aplicaciones de Refrigeración Industrial, S. A. appeared in Barcelona. It marketed ice cream under the brand name Marisa.

In 1960, Interglas began to make and market ice cream in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, under the name Kalise.

In 1965, Beatrice Foods, an American food company, bought part of La Menorquina. In 1979, they bought Modernas Aplicaciones de Refrigeración Industrial, S. A., which had previously acquired Helados Calatayud with a plant in Palma de Mallorca.

Four years later, La Menorquina merged with Modernas Aplicaciones de Refrigeración Industrial, creating Helados La Menorquina, S. A. Their expansion strategy culminated with the merger in 1987 of the peninsular division of Interglas. In 1999, Beatrice Foods gave up their share in the company and La Menorquina and Interglas merged completely into Grupo Kalise Menorquina (GKM). GKM then launched brands Kalise for ice creams for sale to the general public and La Menorquina for frozen desserts for sale in restaurants.

In 2005, the company acquired 95% of Sialsa, which made yogurt and milk under the brand name Sandra. On the international front, GKM bought leading French ice cream brand Frigécrème.

From then on we made every effort to approach consumers. To do that, in 2010, we sought the support of Andrés Iniesta, a footballer who shares the Kalise brand values: sportsmanship, innovation and approachability.

At the same time we reinforced our online presence, updating the Grupo Kalise Menorquina corporate website (www.gkm.es) and launched the Kalise website (www.kalise.eu).

But we wanted more, so, in 2013 we started a relationship with Goyo Jiménez, to boost fun and laughter, with humour always present.

Our ambition is to keep moving forward and become a brand that knows how to anticipate its customers' needs. So this year, 2015, will also be full of surprises and new products for consumers and our suppliers.

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