Our history has its origins in the archipelago of the Canary Islands. A story built by many people who, over time, have dedicated all their efforts, their desire, their ideas and their imagination to create a brand that brings small moments of pleasure and illusion to children and adults. INTERGLAS, S.A was founded in 1960 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, it started manufacturing ice creams under the Kalise brand.

The famous KALISE Cones (current Pivot) made their appearance in 1966 and were a great novelty, not only in the Canary Islands, but also in the Peninsula, where they were not known that way either.

Already in 1967, just 7 years after its creation and with a solid position in the Archipelago, the Company established itself in Seville with its own factory and with several Delegations and Distributors, not only in Andalusia, but in Murcia and Extremadura.

YOGHOURT was also manufactured in Seville in 1975. In 1973, Yoghourt manufacturing began in Las Palmas.

Constant research led us to develop our own bacteriological fermentation systems and types of milk from different sources that were the most suitable to achieve a product that, offering flavor, offered maximum texture and quality.

In 2008,the Company launched the Kalise brand for ice creams intended for sale to the public and Menorquina for frozen desserts sold in restaurants.

From here, we invest great efforts in getting closer to the consumer. And for this, in 2010, we sought the support of Andrés Iniesta, a footballer who shares the great values of Kalise: sportsmanship, innovation and closeness

We still want more, that's why, during 2013 we also started a relationship with Goyo Jiménez, to reinforce fun and laughter, always close to humor.

Kalise today is recognized throughout Spain and our ambition is to continue being a brand that always goes ahead of our clients' wishes with daring innovations and launches. In 2020 we wanted to surprise our consumers with a very peculiar flavor like pistachio in the Trufos range. The little ones could enjoy Cloud flavor in Kontiki format. And lovers of homemade desserts fall in love with Pivot Polvito Uruguayo, which is a replica of a very popular dessert in the Canary Islands.